Monday, April 18, 2011

Laziness Trumps Lousy Coffee

Drinking really terrible coffee right now. But it's too much effort to brew another coffee.

1. One of the first youtube makeup girls I watched, itsjudytime, is getting married. She posted a video of her search for the perfect wedding dress. I felt like I was watching Say Yes to the Dress.

2. A doctor who's son is paralyzed from the waist down after a rugby accident has invested in a state of the art walking machine to help rehabilitate him and others.

3. I watched Whip It with Ellen Page and ever since then, I've been fascinated with roller derby. Granted, if I tried, I would be crushed in seconds. I am a pansy.

4. How to tweeze your eyebrows like a star - I royally screwed up my eyebrows. So I didn't touch them for over a week and re-educated myself on not being tweezer happy.

5. A pregnant woman who tried to commit suicide is charged with infanticide- Wtf, I don't understand how she can be charged. Then wouldn't women who have abortions or use drugs/alcohol fall under this category? Sad. Here is more on the story.

6. A picture of two guys kissing is taken off facebook.

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