Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Love You Coffee

I went to get coffee today. I love how it slightly scalded my tongue. I could feel its warmth coursing through my body and I imagined the caffeine coursing through my circulation system. I felt the oxymoron of jitteriness and being relaxed. It was wonderful.

I also finished the other baby toque. But I'm not going to take a picture because it's just a minature version of the one below.

1. TSA pats down a 6 year old- I feel bad for the kid. But I've read cases where kids were used as drug mules. Blame those crappy people who use kids for that reason and ruins traveling for others.

2.Once again, a warning against Brazillian blowouts for your hair.

3. Cigarette labels are misleading- I am embarassed that apparently I have a lot of misconceptions about the different types of cigarettes.

4. UBC undie run-hahhaha wtf. At least clothes went to charity and police were there.

5. 5 ways to wear your bangs

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