Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hush Little Baby

Rapidly trying to finish knitting the baby toque in the car.


I saw a baby today and she is absolutely precious.

1. A very pretty Mythology sunset look

2. I love cross species... BC dog adopts flock of chicks

3. Sccastaneda does a Hard Candy cosmetics haul. I can't wait to have money so I can check out their bronzers.

4. MakeupByLeinaBaaaby's boyfriend does her makeup. I asked my bf if he wanted to try this but... yeah no. It's really weird, but at the 5:30 mark when she turns to the side and laughs, she reminds me of me.

5. Woman catches cryptococcal meningitis from pigeon poop. wtf...there goes my paranoia that pigeons carry diseases.

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