Friday, April 8, 2011


Hotaro is the Japanese word for fireflies.

1. Why celebrities go out in public with white powder all over their face. I found this video to be incredibly fascinating because the makeup artist shows you how certain powders look flawless, but once flash photography hits the face... BAM. Plus this guy have fantastic eyebrows. Unlike mine which I accidentally overplucked this week.

2. Check out the Urban Decay Rollergirl eyeshadow palette and baked bronzers. One of these days, I will have money to buy Urban Decay makeup.

3. A 6 year old girl with schizophrenia. Very sad... hopefully they'll find something that'll help her.

4. Girl gets kicked off the skytrain for a pin that says f*ck yoga.

5. Stressed out? How about you hug a dog? Yale Law Students are doing a pilot project with a therapy dog where they can "check out" the dog from the library for 30 min.

6. I think this is the most beautiful scarf I have ever seen.

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