Thursday, April 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Today I went to my old university to return a library book... and was overcome with nostalgia. I forgot how effing cold it was on a mountain. It's developed quite a bit with new condos, stores, and even an elementary school! Suddenly, I regretted that I didn't try working for a couple years and then coming back to do my masters in counselling. Never thought I'd want to take more classes up there. It felt like home sweet home. But I am also absolutely loving nursing in the mental health ward. I think psych is my true calling.

1. MakeupbyCheri shows how she gets voluminized healthy hair. I love her hair.

2. How facebook saved a man's life. I debate if I should donate my bone marrow. Not really sure as I had problems trying to donate blood.

3. So I was super duper excited because I found the website which has my Tsubaki shining mask that I use on my hair. It ships to Canada! But then... it's $20 which I don't mind.. but combined with $13.95 for It's less than $15 in Japan. But... I guess an option for Japanese products.

4. Kim Kardashian shares her smokey eye makeup. Personally, I'm not a fan because I can't stand her voice. But I do like her makeup.

5. Wtf really...toddler shoots mother. I'm kind of having doubts about whether a toddler can physically pull a trigger on a gun. Regardless... a very sad ending.

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