Thursday, April 7, 2011

Girl Interrupted

I will try to come up with clever titles from now on. I finally had some free time for the first time in weeks so I watched Girl, Interrupted. Love that movie. It combines my love of Angelina Jolie and psychology and a sprinkle of nursing.

1. wtf. 8 year old gets pepper sprayed by police. The whole story is unbelievable from both sides.

2. Have you had a dessert poutine before??? yyyuumm... I want a churro now.

3. laser cats- Andy Samberg is barrel full of ridiculous. I want a laser pug now too.

4. Happy birthday to Vancouver!! 125 things that make Vancouver great. I don't want to move away from here. I despise the rain but everything else makes up for it.

5. If you want to be an animal cruelty douche, then carry around this trendy turtle or fish carcass :(

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