Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Don't Bother Me in the Glory of My Existence

1. The custody case of Charlie Sheen's kids is a fail on so many different levels

2. Woman's murder may have been captured on webcam- wtf. I thought stuff like this was an urban myth :(

3. Racism during vacation- I found this experience really interesting and sad. Interesting in the sense that racism sadly does still exist. I've been lucky *knock on wood* that for the most part, I haven't had overt racism thrown my way. When my bf and I go to the states like Washington, we get the occasional up & down but that's about it.

4. Eva Longoria Inspired Makeup- Eva Longoria is mad cute. She had a wardrobe malfunction with her super sexy tuxedo. But you don't see anything :P

5. For the amount you spend on Shellis' gold diamond strappy heels, you can buy a house. wtf.

6. But then again, $228,000 is chump change when you invest in a £136 million penthouse. That's $212+ million CAD. Good grief.

7. Bankruptvanity- the higher the heel, the closer to heaven; shoe blog

8. Amazing. Jirouemon Kimura is now the world's oldest man at 114

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