Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am fairly convinced I have dermographism. This is from my hair elastic which slid down my arm when I was wearing a long sleeve. It was itchier and redder 20 mins ago.

1. Like the David Foster Foundation and Telus will donate $2 per like. From April 17-24.

2. A dog is born without eyes- So cute. He looks so happy.

3. Listening to Jayesslee sing You Raise Me Up almost made cry knowing they were singing for their grandma who passed away. They sound amazing and I'm fascinated with the fact that they're twins and have an Australian accent.

4. I made my first eternity scarf :) I hate my camera. Everything comes out less colourful and dark.

5. My friend's bf was on CBC. He shared his experience of having cancer and BC's sick benefits... or lack thereof :(

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