Monday, April 25, 2011

Buyer's Remorse

The other day, I was at the liquor store buying a birthday present. A guy was offering free samples of the above drink. I like lemonade and blueberry vodka. I tried it and it was delicious. The sun was shining. It was a beautiful day. I felt it was a drinking day and spontaneously bought it. It was $9.25 for 4 bottles! That's a deal right? My bf told me I'm a marketer's dream. I don't even know why I effing bought it because I can't afford it and it's a 99:1 chance that I will get sick. I drank a bit and was feeling warm and fuzzy. But then I ate a mountain plate of turkey, mashed potato and stuffing. Then a headache set in and I started feeling nauseous. The taste of alcohol amplified the nausea. I didn't finish it. Wtf. Why do I buy alcohol?

1. Watch a small Asian girl attempt to eat from all the food carts in an intersection in New York

2. Played with makeup today and did a similar look to KandeeJohnson's soft smokey brown eyes makeup look

3. Say it isn't so! Shaw wants to charge by usage of internet. How am I supposed to watch a billion youtube videos this way?

4. My lovely friend provided me a link to make an educated vote this federal election. Well I don't know if educated is the right word. But it's better than basing my vote on assumptions I might've made up.


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