Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bouncy Blond

Today I was walking to the hospital and really grumpy wondering who the hell is up and out of the house at 645am out of choice. I am not a morning person at all. When I was approaching the crosswalk, a couple stepped in front of me. He looked expensive with his long pea coat and scarf. She was a ray of sunshine. She was decked out in lululemon, had long straight blond hair, and a fantastic body. She was holding her yoga mat. They kissed each other goodbye. She pulled away and he pulled her back. She giggled and they kissed each other over and over again. Finally, the light turned, so she broke away from the kiss, said bye, and bounced down the street. The two other guys who were waiting at the crosswalk with me COULD NOT take their eyes off of her. Good grief. Who has energy to bounce at 645am?

1. Oops... Another toddler served alcohol.

2. An interesting argument that HIV infected organs should be allowed to be used for people infected with HIV.

3. Vancouver born, San Francisco living blogger

4. A story about kniting & guilt

5. A long time ago I saw these BEVV Steve Madden pumps but I tried them on and nearly fell over so my bf convinced me it's not meant to be. Well I still admire them and determined to get them. I was walking by Joneve the other day and saw they have a peep toe version! *droool*. The new Steve Madden store in Metrotown is open. It is absolutely beautiful in there.

6. My friend's skin care routine- something to try out as I personally think she has fabulous skin and always looks golden.

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