Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Baby Baby ohhh

Aww I made my baby toque too big! But it fits Sumi. Hopefully 3rd time will be the charm to fit the good looking babe.

1. Onthebikemike- A Vancouver blogger about training to ride from Seattle to Portland (I believe). Good grief. My friend's doing this and I give them mad props. I can't even comprehend riding a bike from one city to the next let alone a state.

2. Damn you autocorrect top 15 in March- my stomach hurt so much after reading this.

3.Win a $500 gift card to Holt Renfrew from VancityBuzz- fkjsdfkl jndsfdf I WANT.

4. My bf's mom got me Luster NARS blush which I love love love love love. Beautiesinbloom did a review on it and I like how she swatches Orgasm (I'm pretty sure) and Luster. I was torn between Orgasm & Luster but in the end, I'd rather be golden.

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