Friday, April 8, 2011

Babies, Rabies, and Scabies, Oh My

All of the above are concerns I've had this year.

1. Eeeeeee check out the eagle cam in Delta. I turned it on and the eagle's bum was towards the camera. Then she fell asleep with her head tucked under her wing. So cute.

2. TiffanyD Dark & Dramatic eyes. Very pretty.

3. UBC LipDub- Raise Your Glass & Celebrity Status- Oh UBC. I won't even compare my university which I know was ranked near the bottom in terms of school spirit according to MaClean's University Guide. Check it out. Every hit goes towards donation to Make a Wish Foundation.

4. No wonder this guy is single. Bahahah he sounds like a real winner.

5. Jenniferstano- a new fashion blog I found. That's really her in the wallpaper.

1 comment:

  1. I would have wanted to be in the UBC LibDub! Too bad I graduated so early :(