Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar.16, 2011

Everyday my cat has a routine where she sits and stares out the window of the tv room. This morning, my sister had closed the door so she couldn't go in. She ended up going to the sliding glass door of our dining room and stared at the balcony wall for 10 min. wtf. I felt sorry for her and brought her to her usual spot by the window.

1. GlossyBoss is doing her first giveaway. Ends April 12, 2011.

2. UCLA girl rants away about Asians. I watched this after it was posted all over the place. Oh man this girl. She's had the wrath thrown down on her with the negative publicity and issued an apology. Questionable whether she would've apologized for it had she not been all over the news regarding racism, but Mszjackiechu raises interesting points about how this girl has probably ruined her life by uploading that video.

3. A 4 month old survives the Japan earthquake. I LOVE the picture.

4. Crew stops drunk pilots from flying... fail on the pilots part.

5. The beautiful and charitable Angelina Jolie makes a plea in Afghanistan.

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