Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 25, 2011 *edit*

Words cannot describe how tired I am. I brought my pedometer yesterday and it said I walked 9279 steps which is 6.5 km. Ideally you're supposed to walk 10,000 steps. Wtf. I thought I walked plenty.


1. Oh my...92 year old rejected woman shoots man's house

2. 63 year old gives birth

3. Another reporter suffers a medical condition while on the news.


My poor dog got into a fight with a raccoon. I won't get into the details but he got scratched. I was worried about rabies contamination & called my instructor to tell her I couldn't come into clinical till I figured out the rabies thing. Probably didn't help I was still hyped up and shaking when I called her so my voice was tight and strung out. He was fine when we brought him to the vet & gave him a rabies shot for prophylaxis in the future & antibiotics. Therefore, we don't need rabies shots either. But I asked him to take a look at his leg so they did xrays... $425 for everything!!! I'm not home so I don't know what happened to my dog yet :(

I'm just going to take a week hiatus from my blog. Too much going on right now and my body's falling apart on me. My face is breaking out like crazy, my bum has disappeared (currently my legs are tucked under me and my bum bones are digging into my feet), and I'm perpetually cold & tired all the time. Focus on school. Focus on my dog. And come back relaxed with regular blogging :)

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  1. I'm pretty damn appalled about the 63 year old woman giving birth. There was another case where a woman in Spain gave birth to twin boys in her 60s giving an excuse like "my mother lived to be 101 so I can do it" and then she died 2 years later.

    Honestly I think you need to think beyond what you want and consider the impact your decision has on the children you potentially can have.