Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 24, 2011

My car passed air care YAY. Even better, it performed below average in terms of emissions so I'm leaving a smaller carbon footprint with my car.

My bf bought this wrestling game (so lame) and he keeps bugging me to play with him. I finally agreed but only because I got to make my own wrestler. My wrestler's so awesome. It is a he, with a buzz cut, cat ears, hot pink pants & boots, and a giant K tattooed on his back. Sweet.

1. Execution of 3 Filipinos on China's Death Row

2. If you can find this missing teddy bear you get $1000.

3. Apple removed a supposed Anti Gay App. I'm not entirely sure what this app actually did.

4. CommunityChannel aka Natalie Tran shows us the awkwardness of watching your friend fight with her parents

5. Bonus! Natalie Tran describes Maldives. I never even heard of Maldives till I watched this.

6. Asian Chicks go Clubbing- Woot Vancouver!

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