Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 15, 2011

1. Watched Machete the other night. It's one of those wtf ridiculous movies but excessively violent scenes combined with a crazy plot made it an entertaining movie. Michelle Rodriguez was so hot in this movie. I love her. She's definitely in my top 10. If you see her in the trailer when she pops up around 2:08, that's my favourite part of the movie. I bet if I actually worked my butt off, my body would look toned like that. I also liked Jessica Alba's makeup in the movies. Lots of shimmery browns and eyeliner.

2. If you haven't seen it yet, here is the Sicko documentary by Michael Moore. I think it's terrifying. I know President Obama's made changes to the healthcare system but I've only lived in areas with universal healthcare so the whole idea of privatized healthcare is really unreal to me. It's sad to see people being denied healthcare like chemo because they can't afford it.

3. MyBestBeautyBuys is hosting a 100 subscribers giveaway. Ends March 31, 2011. Guess which one I want? Surprise, L'oreal voluminous mascara.

4. Dope2111 aka Promise Phan does Adriana Lima's makeup

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