Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 14, 2011

I met up with my friend today and exchanged his Call of Duty Black Ops game for the black scarf I knitted which I posted in my last entry. Woot woot :) I hope he likes it!

1. Get ready in 5 minutes- Easy peasy lemon squeezy

2. Oh my... a three year old is treated for alcoholism :(

3. Hover above these before and after pictures of Japan to see how much damage the tsunami caused.

4. The beginning of my toque.

5. The dos and don'ts of police road checks- my favourite is when they tell you not to put pennies in your mouth. wtf haha. My favourite story is about when I got stopped at a road block on my way to work Sunday morning.

police officer: Have you been drinking today?
me: Uhm... isn't it 10 am?
police officer: Well sometimes I drink in the morning. Do you like to drink in the morning?
me: No! I don't drink.
police officer: Haha okay then. Have a nice day.

So random. I am 99% sure if I even tried drinking at 10 am, I would throw up. Ugh. The thought makes me nauseous.


  1. Those pictures from Japan are so scary... my prayers go out to them :(

  2. awwh, i love it kei! ^_^

    hehe, yes i creep your blog. remember when we were doing this with bloop before it was popular? :P

  3. i love the get ready in 5 minutes video. it's perfect for a lazy girl like me!