Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 12, 2011

If you wish to help out Japan, you can donate to The Canadian Red Cross. I wish I could go volunteer and help with relief aid :(

1. I was reading forloveofretail's blog and she introduced me to the brand Chinese Laundry. I like the Trust Me suede boots and the Newbie slip suede.

2. I'm going start knitting a toque on Sunday. Woot woot. If I'm successful, I'm going to try knitting a beret. Except already in the beginning, I have no idea what the lingo means.

"Using No.7 needles cast on 8 sts.
1st row: Inc. one st. in every st. (16 sts)
2nd row and every alternate: p"

wtf. So I start with 8 and somehow add 16? Why don't i just start with 16 then?

3. Look at this awesome candle holder my bf's grandma gave me. I saw it in her washroom and complimented her on it. Then a week later, she gave her extra one as a gift! So sweet. That's my bf's travelocity gnome he won from a contest.

4.BakedinVancouver shares Skytrain Conversations. It is gold.

5. Devastating photos of Japan

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  1. Hahaha I read it wrong and thought your grandma's boyfriend gave you the candle holder - hahaha