Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 11, 2011

The images of the Japan tsunami is breaking my heart. They think the death toll will be over 1000 people. I thank God that my relatives in Hawaii are okay and my relatives in Japan aren't in the danger zone, but the thought of the mass deaths and destruction like this makes me so sad. Japan's in my thoughts and prayers.

1. After seeing Global's 16:9 episode on anorexia, it reminded me of a documentary I watched at the Vancouver International Film Festival years ago with a friend. It is called Thin. It follows the story of four females and their treatment at Renfrew, an eating disorder residential facility in Florida.

2. Stalker Guilt Syndrome guy's such a creeper haha

3. 82 faces of Julia Roberts tattooed. wtf.

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