Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Ramblings Mar. 10, 2011

Random fact: I am a jittery person. I will bounce, fidget, shake, quiver, tap my foot, bounce my leg, etc. I'm pretty sure it's amplified tenfold when I drink coffee.

1. Grabbed this month's issue of Cineplex Magazine featuring Emily Blunt

I think she's so pretty. I loved the makeup on her on the cover. Gold and plum colours on her eyes, apricot/peach blush, and pink stain on the lips. Very natural.

2. Check out the Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 handbag collection. I've decided LV + yellow = ew.

3. Highmaintenancewoman- a fashion blogger from Vancouver

4. Rgratzvm- a fashion blogger who started following me on twitter

5. Asian American TV posted an article on white nerds who are Asian. I like the disclaimer at the top of the article. I personally don't agree with the article but I found it an interesting read nonetheless. I give props to people (guys or girls) who can immerse themselves into a culture and be able to have the diligence to learn and speak another language fluently. I wish I had that patience. Then I can be trilingual: English, Japanese, Filipino (well Tagalog and/or Ilocano). But alas, it's just English and poor Japanese for me. Another random fact: Japanese was my first language.... which I ended up losing :(

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