Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back From My Hiatus

From the sounds of it, I think my computer is fried. RIP dear laptop. This is unfortunate as I was saving up for a digital camera... but I think I will try to scrape together some money to have a desktop computer. Luckily I had money set aside in case of emergency... does this suffice as an emergency?

Anyway.. things that's been happening lately.

1. I passed family clinical yay. We will see how my mental health rotation goes... I'm thinking maybe specializing in adolescent mental health.


I made a scarf for my friend's birthday


My friend knitted me a scarf :)


A scarf I'm knitting for my friend. He's giving me his CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS GAME in exchange. I'm so stoked

5. My bf's grandma taught me how to knit a toque. I'm super excited; I've been wanting to knit one for so long but youtube failed to provide me with a video that makes sense! My goal for spring break is to knit one.

6. Are you a germaphobe?- found this article googling because I wondered if it was germaphobic to wash my hands when I come home from the mall. Oh yeah, and there's fecal material on cushion seats in the San Fransisco transit system... wtf

7. Dying to be Thin- 16:9 on Global did an episode on anorexia & the new eating disorder residential center in BC. I can't believe it's the first one in the country.


My friends took me out for my birthday. I ♥ them. First drink I think in... over a year at least. I didn't get sick :) For the record, I only had one drink haha.

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