Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Ramblings Feb.8, 2011

I got a check from the government for $3.27. Haha I'm impressed. I got a package around Christmas and ended up paying more tax than I should've because the wrong price was on the package. I filled out a form that was on the package and sent it in. Impressed they actually followed through with it.

1. I found another Vancouver fashion blogger by the name of barbiedollcloset

2. Clumpsofmascara did a review on Dior Diorshow 360 mascara. I've always been curious about this mascara because it's pretty steep at $36.00.

3. Makeupbytiffanyd is doing a Sigma Giveaway. Ends Feb.14, 2011.

4. I'm utterly fascinated with plastic surgery. I love watching documentaries on it. I don't think I would personally do it but I find it interesting listening to peoples' experiences of it. Here is forloveofretail's experience of her plastic surgery.

5. A random blog I found called changeclothesndgo. She is a law student/model.

6. The way the US works in regards to health scares and intrigues me at the same time as it's different from here in Canada. Here is an interesting article about a new bill that allows doctors to refuse treatment for a pregnant woman if it will result in the fetus dying.

7. catsinsinks.com- the title of the website pretty much sums it up

8. Oohh... NY Times has written an article about Insite, Vancouver's controversial safe injection site.

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  1. i just read about gisele's sunscreen comment. but ididn't know she was creating her own natural line. thanks for sharing!

    also, i thought you might be interested in entering my ELF 83-piece makeup palette and nail polish set giveaway!