Friday, February 4, 2011

Random Ramblings Feb.4, 2011

1. This is the story about an RCMP officer who risked his own life saving a teen. This is another story about police officers having to contact the next of kin regarding their deceased family member. I have a deep respect for the police because they're here to serve and protect. And I feel they are overshadowed and put into a bad light by stories such as the policeman that kicked a handcuffed man in the head, the three off duty drunk policemen who beat up a newspaper deliverer, the police officer who hit and killed a girl with his cruiser while she was crossing the street, etc. Makes me sad when I hear about stories like these. I think it's hard for some people to realize police officers aren't one group but they are each still individual people. Just because one officer does something bad, doesn't mean they are all bad.

2. A random thing to try: If you locked your keys in your car and it's by remote control, call somebody who has the spare remote. Tell them to press the button and hold it up to their phone, and hold your phone against the door, and apparently your door will unlock. I haven't actually tried this to see if it's a load of crap or truth.

3. I don't celebrate Chinese New Years but Bathroomdancer shows cute different red pockets you can get!

4. If you can't tell, I'm obsessed with eyeliner. Feel so naked without it! Here's Makeupgeek's take on eyeliners

5. Sooo.... apparently this is real. The Food Liberation Army has kidnapped Ronald McDonald and threatened to execute him if McDonalds doesn't reveal their secrets by Feb.11, 2011. Yup.. wtf.

6. I am one of those people who used to stand in front of the microwave and stare at my food while it heated. Then my co-worker told me to protect my eggs because I'm exposing myself to radiation by doing that. Then another co-worker heard of a method to see if your microwave is leaking.

i) Put your cellphone in the microwave (BUT DON'T TURN ON THE MICROWAVE!!!)
ii)Call your cellphone from a different phone
if your cellphone rings that means there's a leak
if your cellphone doesn't ring that means your microwave is leak-free

I totally tried this. We did it at work and my cellphone didn't ring!! However I did this at home and my cellphone went off. Which doesn't entirely surprise me because the glass in my microwave door shifted for some reason so there was a gap.

Regardless, leak-safe or not, my coworker made me paranoid so I try to stop standing in front of the microwave now.

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