Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random ramblings Feb.1 2011

Remember how I was concerned about having coke bottle glasses? My prescription is -7.00 and -5.50... can you tell I have an astigmatism? Anyway, my friend who owns EyeCity Optical did a great job :) I don't have large eyes coke bottles eyes like Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys haha.

You can see my rooster hair

Versace VE1084

1. I felt like I was choking reading the story of a man who executed 100 dogs because of business slump after the olympics. It's really brutal and graphic to read :( I hope he goes to jail for a long time... I don't think animal cruelty is taken seriously enough. Another dog sledding company released an official statement separating themselves from the incident and that company.

2. Follow and RT @MoniMoniGirl to get a chance to win a Dolce Vita Pochette. Um, confession, I have no idea what that is. But who knows, maybe I'll win and find out haha.

3. Bubzbeauty quick curls youtube video. A quick & different way to curl your hair. I did this look once and it turned out cute... but I feel the curling iron works faster for me.

That's all. Must go to sleep.


  1. "The employee received monetary compensation for his suffering from the workers compensation board."

    That up there is what chokes me up even more. Definitely not how I wanted to start my Monday off... it's just makes me sick everytime I hear about it.


  2. Oh yeah! and about hair curling... I've been curling my hair the past couple day for school and I've found that it takes me just as long to do it curled as when I straighten it. I found a way to do a lazy morning curl that works for me! lol