Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Ramblings Feb. 9, 2011

1. Give yourself a virtual makeover.

2. The beautiful Gisele Bündchen is against synthetic sunscreen and has her own line of natural products.

3. I was flipping through flyers while eating breakfast (honey nut cheerios mixed with Reeses Puffs)and then became SUPER DUPER EXCITED because look what I found in the Walmart flyer:

I have been WAITING for this line to come to Canada. Our Japanese homestay student introduced me to this line. She uses the anti-frizz serum (orange bottle) and her hair is so soft and pretty. When I was in the Philippines, I got the nourishing fluid leave in (orange and white bottle) serum and it was a God send since my hair became a total frizzy coarse nightmare with the humidity, no blow drying, and different water. You can see how atrocious my hair got in the Philippines :(

It took awhile to get it back to normal again. The L'oreal line helped soften my hair during the summer and I use it once in awhile when my hair gets super dry. Currently, the only thing I use in my hair is Shiseido Tsubaki shining treatment once a week.

4. Another Japanese homestay student is jetting back to Japan for a week so hopefully she'll be able to get my Shiseido Tsubaki shining treatment. I'm scraping the bottom of my jar :( Here, you can see a Tsubaki commercial

5. Carlosdouh shows you how to be a Hong Kong girl. I was trying to figure out what nationality he was and I thought it was funny that he was from Abbotsford! I like featuring BC locals :)

6. Thatsheart is doing a giveaway for an Urban Decay NAKED palette and Katy Perry's OPI Black Shatter Nail Polish. Ends Feb.17, 2011

7. Interesting... iConfess, a Roman Catholic app.


  1. HAHAHAHA This is my first time watching Carlosdouh and I could NOT tell that he's Chinese at all! But he speaks it very well...!!! Good to know that he's close to home too - hahahaha

  2. Actually nevermind, I don't think he's Chinese at all after watching some more of his videos. In one of them, it explained that he lived in HK for 2 years :P

    OMG - I think I have that "princess sickness" HAHAHAHA, he's so cute! I think I have a new boy crush now - hahaha!