Saturday, February 5, 2011

Random Ramblings Feb. 5, 2011

Si si, per favore!!

I am going to get my annual haircut on Saturday eek!! That's right. I cut my hair once a year because 1)I don't get split ends 2)I am scared of hairdressers 3)I am cheap. I will post before and after pictures (to the dismay of my bf who thinks my annual haircut is too dramatized)

1. The mountie who risked his life is recovering yay!! There is also an e-card on facebook that you can sign for him.

2.Miss604 is doing a a Valentine's Day spa and chocolates giveaway. Ends Feb.9, 2011.

3. Fashionedinfinland is doing her February Giveaway. Ends end of this month I assume.

4. Ellemakeupblog is doing an Ultimate Pink Giveaway. I'm pretty giddy about this because I love pink... so pretty!! Ends Feb.17, 2011.

5. Watch out for this credit card scam. Don't give out your security code on your credit card to a stranger!

6. Some more Vancouver bloggers recommended by my friends :)

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