Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random Ramblings Feb. 24, 2011

Today I went to New York Fries to try the butter chicken poutine. It was gross. The texture of the chicken reminded me of tuna. I ended up going to KFC to buy a small cup of gravy. Then I picked out my fries and cheese curds and ate it with that gravy. So in conclusion, I wanted a normal classic Canadian poutine. Mmmm....

Oh. And my dog threw a flower pot in the air and some dirt went into my mouth! All I could think about was fertilizer poisoning and parasites in the dirt. I spit out what I could.

1. Pauly D does a clever reverse advertising commercial for Miracle Whip

2. A video about Cyber Bullying made by the students at Vancouver Film School.

3. Miss Melissa shares whether things are lovely or lousy

4. My friend asked me which mask I use. Currently 1x/week I use The Body Shop Seawood Iconic Clay Mask. So here is my review. I like it. It draws out the oil and gunk out of my face. I quickly apply it to my face (it dries fast!), leave it on for 10 min and rinse. I like clay masks as they seem to do a good job for oil control. It has a bit of a fragrant to it but I personally like it.

5. I changed my mind about Dante's Inferno! I don't want it! But I do want Modern Warfare I've decided. Black Ops? Or try out Modern Warfare 2 first or Call of Duty 4? I just like those first person shooter games.

6. Today, I was putting on my blush thinking "Eff light. Eff mirrors. I can totally do this in the dark." I was very wrong. By the way, my heart's in a flutter because I'm THISCLOSE to having NARS blush!

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  1. Hey!

    Really cute blog m'dear! I love these random ramblings (i've been scrolling back and they are really great!). I think I want to try that body shop mask!

    (PS, thanks for the mention. So sweet of you xo)