Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random Ramblings Feb. 20, 2011

Nothing like a 6 year old coming up to you and saying "You look pregnant." Wtf.

1. Ekiblog- Random blog of beauty and other goodies

2. BakedinVancouver- Vancouver Blogger. She got me hooked on the line "For 10 months, I enjoyed every second of my time on EI." hahaha that's awesome.

3. Oh I forgot. If you've ever gotten a Starbucks gift card, register that card on and you get a free drink on your birthday :)

4. Also, register with and on your birthday, take 3 friends with you for dinner and you get your meal free.

5. Plus you get free breakfast at Denny's.

One more week till my birthday. Look at all these birthday deals.

6. If you're bored and like celebrities and their bodies, check out

7. Oldie but a goodie: Wong Fu Productions presents Yellow Fever


  1. I'm slowly catching up on my comments but I only wear waterproof mascaras because normal ones never hold my curl. Strangely enough I like the L'oreal one after it's been opened for a while; I find it gets a bit clumpy when new but I also love the Maybelline Falsies WP mascara

  2. My 5-year-old cousin did the exact same thing to me. He walked up to me and said "You're fat, are you having a baby?" T_T...

  3. There are SOOOO many birthday perks in Vancouver alone! Free meal at Denny's, free pasta/dessert at Boston Pizza, free blizzard from DQ, free gift from Sephora! You should sign up for all these things before your birthday to get all of them!