Saturday, February 19, 2011

Random Ramblings Feb. 19, 2011

Drove over vomit on the road. Wtf.

1. The MAC gel liner (Fluid Line) & Sigma small angle brush I bought has so far frustrated me. The liner is smudging like crazy and the brush is not as stiff as I was hoping for. This results in uneven lines with raccoon eyes later in the afternoon. Is it bad I want to take scissors to my brush and get rid of the angle? Maybe I'll try that with the cheap brush I bought off E-Bay and see how that goes...

2. My friend sent me this random commercial. I had no idea what it was advertising for till the end... then I thought it was clever hah.

3. I love this MAC Hello Kitty Look 2 by makeupbytiffanyd

4. I also like Kim Kardashian Smokey Eyes look by kandeejohnson. Can't remember if I posted this before. Still trying to figure out my eyes don't look as smokey when I do it... possibly not putting enough maybe?

I have nothing else to post! So I'll just random share that sometimes, maybe when I eat too much?, I kind of hiccup but I chirp like a bird or a pterodactyl. And it goes on for a few minutes.

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