Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Ramblings Feb. 15, 2011

1. Oh noes :( mystery bug claims Playboy Mansion conference.

2. I thought it was cute when Pauly D asks Nicki Minaj to be his valentine

3. If you like hockey, check out hockeygods.com.

4. Update: Awhile ago, I posted about baby Scarlett, who was born with a very rare brain tumor. Her tumor has been removed through a series of surgery. She was on route to starting chemo but has been hit with Respiratory Syncytial Virus. I really recommend her blog.

5. Wow.... super bizzare. Check out Serene Branson, a CBS anchor woman do a short news cast that's completely incomprehensible. Maybe... a TIA? Here's an update and a summary of what happened that night.

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