Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Ramblings Feb. 13, 2011

1. I didn't know this bill existed, but Bill 389 just passed the House of Commons. Now it has to pass the Senate. Pretty exciting!! I didn't realize transgendered and transsexual Canadians weren't covered under the Charter of Rights.

"The bill, sponsored by NDP MP Bill Siksay, would prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression through adding “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the list of prohibited grounds for discrimination in the Canada Human Rights Act, and through adding transgendered and transsexual Canadians as identifiable groups in the Criminal Code’s hate crimes law."
(Minsky, 2011, para. 6)

Minsky, A. (2011). Transgendered-rights bill moves to Senate. Retrieved February 12, 2011, from

2. Remember how I mentioned the Liberation Food Army kidnapped Ronald McDonald and demanded McDonalds share their information? Well they beheaded Ronald. wtf.

3. Finally got a pic of the scarf I knitted for my bf's mom. It's a rich cranberry colour... unfortunately my camera is horrible and it's not able to pick up the colour :( It's a deeper red than the photo.

4. Talking about knitting, I'm really wanting to knit a scarf like isntthatknit's style. I'm thinking super chunky yarn with jumbo size needles. My friend asked me to knit her an infinity scarf so I think that'll be my next project once I'm done my other friend's b-day scarf.

5. Win a $50 Sephora/Paypal card from makeupandbeautyblog. Ends Feb.13, 2011.

6. Went to La Spaghetteria in New Westminster for Valentine's Day with le bf. LOVE this restaurant. The people are so friendly, fantastic service, absolutely delicious Italian food... I love everything about this place. It's my favourite restaurant. The guy who greeted us (who I think owns the restaurant) chatted with us. He told me he tried learning Japanese; I told him I tried learning Italian. We both agreed that it was quite easy to do the pronunciation because the vowel sounds were the same. But we remembered only little bits of each other's language. He said sayonara before we left. I couldn't remember how to say goodbye in Italian till we got to the car (arriverderci!). I wish I took more than one semester of Italian!

Took these bad girls (Aldo Dearing) out to town. I nearly toppled over in them.

Got a flower from the restaurant :) My cat tried to eat it.

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