Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Ramblings Feb. 11, 2011

The other night, my boyfriend and I decided to play some Resident Evil 5 (which by the way, is the only game I know how to play). We started at 10pm and played till we got tired. When I looked at the clock, it was 1am. WTF. Videos games suck the life out of you.

1. My darling friend created a blog called my2sense. Her blog showcases her world through her five senses.

2. Sigma Beauty is having a tropical inspired makeup contest. I was debating entering...but then I looked at all the other submissions and I chickened out haha. I hate competitions.

3. Hahaha, a website dedicated to fail finds on, a site where you can sell homemade goods.

4. Funnyfacebeauty and Johnny Concert Glamour is giving you a chance to name the eyeliner. The chosen name will get the eyeliner :)

5. Check out Sofia Vergara, from Modern Family, without makeup. I think she still looks pretty.

6. If you like hockey, check out the nhl-offseason blog. Or use this blog to pretend you know what's going on in hockey.

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