Saturday, February 5, 2011

Air Plus Hair Salon Metrotown

I have to say Kei at Air Plus Hair Salon Metrotown is amaaaazing. I took the risk of going to a hair stylist who I've never heard of and I'm so relieved. I was super anxious but he calmed me down. He was intrigued that I was Japanese Filipino. I kind of tried speaking Japanese but got shy. I told him I wanted layers and a v shape in the back. I was thrilled that he actually LISTENED to me instead of doing his own thing. He was surprised I haven't gotten a real haircut in a year. He also said he didn't recommend me cutting my own hair (haha) but I actually did a good job cutting my own layers. I hope he keeps working there so I can go back to him!! It's so hard finding a good stylist (thus the once a year haircut and general mistrust of hair stylists). But he was sweet and took his time with my hair. So happy :)

Anywhos, pictures.

Hair before my hair cut. You can also see my attempt at giving myself layers

After! I still have my length but it's lighter and there's more layers.

I also asked him how I can get more volume in my hair. He said it's probably because my hair's soft that it's hard to build volume with it. For some reason, I do not have the dexterity to hold a brush and dryer properly to style my hair. I watched him style my hair so hopefully I can do it like this from now on.


For those who are interested, I went short with my hair!.


  1. Wow I'm loving how the before and after is! You already had nice hair before, but you can really see the difference ^^

  2. You look beautiful! It's good to have a hairstylist that actually listens. I have some pretty bad experiences with hairdressers before... T_T