Sunday, January 2, 2011

Random Ramblings Jan.3 2011

1. Um how CUTE is THIS girl?? I found her randomly. Her blog is and she is quite entertaining to read. My bf keeps bugging me to get a (real, not by me) haircut. Maybe I'll cut my hair like hers with lots and lots of layers. is doing a giveaway for an ipad. Ends Jan.23, 2011.

3.Hip Hop Violin by the talented pauldateh featuring Inka One

4. Katy Perry without makeup

5. is a website which rents out textbooks! I didn't even know a website like this existed till I won a gift certificate for them (haha. This is what happens when you enter yourself into a billion contests). I was able to get one of my textbooks from them for next term. They're based out of Vancouver, BC.

6. Here is a scarf I knitted. Super Bulky 6 yarn with size 10 needles. I LOVE this yarn. So soft and my yarn of choice for most scarves I knit. It was pretty bright out so you can't really see the pretty baby orchid colour.

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