Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random Ramblings Jan. 8 2011

School is starting Monday which means I will be swamped. I'm hoping with proper time management (hahaha) I will be able to do school, knit, and blog! This weekend, I'm really going to try to clean and organize my room. I'm a horrible pack rat and my room's disgustingly cluttered. I have to figure out storage ideas. Well. Where else would I go but youtube?

1.My favourite, the beautiful sccastaneda is holding a Sigma Brush Contest. Ends Jan 18, 2011. It'll require you to make a video to get an entry.

2. Thanks to my fairly obsessive self, I am starting to wonder more and more about how many germs are on pin pads at the cashiers and the pens that come with them.

3. A woman calls 911 to force her boyfriend to propose to her her. wtf.

4. I'm turning 25 soon... I should make a bucket list.

5. Beauty trick- After straightening your hair, spritz leave in conditioner and comb through. It'll make your hair shinier and help rehydrate it. Well... that's what I tell myself anyway haha. I saw this on a youtube video somewhere but can't find it anymore.

6. My friend told me all my knitting is motivating her to start a hobby. So she decided on rekindling her love for sewing and contemplated the idea of sewing scrubs for herself! So jealous! I want to sew my own scrubs now. It'll be awesome to have a pair of scrubs that will actually fit me properly. Plus I would add a billion pockets to it because I love pockets. Talking about hobbies, I bought more yarn. I found grey, black, and purple bulky 5 Bernat yarn at Zellers. Even though they cost me $6 each, I'm thrilled to find the colours I wanted. I knitted a red scarf for my bf's mom with this brand. I'll have to remember to take a picture.

7. is doing a Hello Kitty Nails Giveaway. Ends Jan.9,2011

8. Earn a bunch of HBC Reward Points

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