Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Ramblings Jan. 6 2011

1. Ted Williams, a homeless guy with an amazing voice.

2. Awhile ago, I remember talking to a relative who told me she didn't like vaccines because vaccines cause autism. Then I saw CNN released this article stating that study that links vaccines to autism has been retracted.

3. Remember how I posted Hard Candy will do a giveaway when they reach 10,000 fans? Well here you go. There's a grand prize of a makeup kit or 1 of 10 of their Spring '11 makeup collection. Winners will be selected Jan.14 2011. Maybe I should take a trip to Walmart and check out their bronzers.

4. "Like" on facebook and get a code for a chance to get free glasses (in Vancouver) on Friday. I was going to do this as my current glasses prescription is over 3 years old. Except I lost my most recent prescription! Oh well... will see the eye doctor in a couple weeks.

5. Pursebuzz tweeted a very clever beauty trick: "Beauty Tip 2011:If you have a frayed braid use bobby pins to "seal" and perfect the braid. Weave in vertically to conceal those bad boys!"
So clever. I never do braids because of my layers and hair sticks out everywhere.

6. I finished my hot pink scarf! The yarn didn't produce a scarf as thick or soft as I would've liked. I should just stick to super bulky 6 yarn. It's not very long either... but hopefully with use, the scarf will soften up. Just started up another scarf. My bf's grandma suggested I try knitting 2 different yarns at the same time. So I'm knitting a super pink scarf! Pale pink and hot pink. I probably should use a contrast colour like cream white and hot pink but... whatever :)

7. How much would you pay for tuna? How about nearly $396000?

8. This is last minute, but enter for a chance to win 2 tickets for anywhere in the world. Ends Jan. 7, 2011.

9. I don't know if this is fake... but here are panda cows...

10. Philip DeFranco is giving you a chance to win a date with Matty. This youtube video made me laugh so much. I'd like to see who Matty gets set up with.

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