Sunday, January 30, 2011

Random Ramblings Jan. 30, 2011

I was pretty excited because I saw GEORGE STROUMBOULOPOULOS. I've never seen a celebrity before haha. Canada represent! Oh and also snagged a picture of Brett Wilson from Dragon's Den. We didn't line up but I was still thrilled to see them in the flesh :)

1. Wtf... Trillion dollar lawsuit against P.Diddy with claims that he's behind 9/11...

2. Imogen, aka Foxylocksextensions does a really pretty Kardashian curls bouncy do.

3. Makeupandbeautyblog is giving you a chance to win $50 paypal gift card. Well it could've been a Sephora card but we're in Canada so we'll have to take the paypal card. Ends Jan. 30, 2011

4. The first girl I started to watch on youtube, Pursebuzz, is doing a giveaway for a Make Up For Ever Flash Color in Pink #5. Ends Feb.3, 2011

5. I set up an appt to cut my hair. Eek! It's at a Japanese salon and the guy has the same name as me! Better live up to his name haha. I told them I can go with anyone since I've never been there before but maybe I'll call tomorrow and confirm he's who I want. Then again... what's in a name? I think I'll try to keep the length but add a ton of layers. Like I mentioned before... I think I'll see if he can do something similar to the lovely Hey Cheri. I just need more volume in my hair!

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