Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random Ramblings Jan. 23, 2011

1. Mybestbeautybuys posted an article on 3 ways to make your lashes look more stunning.

2. Canadianfreestuff is writing articles on how to do extreme couponing. Coupons are amazing because in some instances, you can use a bunch of coupons at once and suddenly you've saved 80% or something ridiculous.

3. My mom is trying to grow a coconut. So I think I'll try to grow a pineapple. Apparently it takes 3 years so I suppose I can celebrate becoming a nurse *crosses fingers* with a pineapple.

4. I thought groupon was a big scam but turns out that people use it and say it's worth it if there something there you like. Another website my bf's mom told me about is that works well too.

5. Dog found after 4 years. Family #1's dog goes missing. Family #2 adopts dog from shelter. 4 years later, family #1 sees their dog in parking lot. That dog belongs to Family #2 now. So... who does the dog belong to? Sad... a family's going to lose out.

6. RAEview is doing a 1st anniversary makeup giveaway. Ends April 1, 2011

7. Talking about RAEview, I like her Heavy Cat Eye Liner. Her 2nd method is the way I apply mine.

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