Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Ramblings Jan. 22, 2011

1. I am sooo happy because I bought glasses!! I went to EyeCity Optical which is a store that my friend opened up (I'm so proud of him!) way out on the west side of Vancouver. It took me half an hour to decide but I finally settled for these Versace pair. I love saying "It's Versace"... rolls off my tongue well... same with saying "It's Prada". I wish I was rich. Anyway, the other pair I was debating on was this other Versace one. But I settled for the other because 1) it was cheaper by $100 and 2) I'm trying something more subtle and staying away from the plastic frames. Fingers crossed that the lenses work out and I don't have coke bottle thick lenses! Oh and I hope the links worked because I just googled them. I'm picking up my glasses next week! He has to special order my lenses... curse you astigmatism. On a related note, I need to wear my contacts more for now... so much more pristine and BETTER FOR DRIVING.

2. I saw someone get hit by a car today. Weeell.. it was more like she was an idiot and waved her friend's car down by standing in the middle of the street, then a guy behind her tried to do a right turn and she turned around and stumbled over his fender. So it's her own fault for walking into the car! She was fine though.

3. Oh my god Killer whales are attacking grey whales!

4. Today in class I watched an amazing documentary called Bevel Up about street nursing in the Vancouver downtown eastside. If you get a chance to watch it... you should. Warning: language, some nudity, drugs.

5. Bryan Lewis Saunders is a man who paints self portraits while he's on various different drugs.

6. Hmmmm....Why Chinese Mothers are Superior. This is an excerpt from the book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" which was posted on the Wall Street Journal website. However, Asianamericantv counterargues (is this a word?) that the WSJ failed to mention what the rest of the book was about. It'd be an interesting read.

I feel like my blog is lacking if I don't have at least 1 makeup related link hmm...

7. There ya go. Beautylish Best Beauty Blogs

8. If you've never heard of them, check out Ganguro Girls from Japan.

9. Ooohh Vancouver celebrating the anniversary of the 2010 Winter Olympics by having a Granville street party

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