Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Ramblings Jan. 21, 2011

Guess what? It's my 200th entry yaay.

1. Fail #1- I spilled half my concealer mineral powder on my pants and socks. Luckily it was the sample pot from LAMinerals and I actually have the full size pot that I haven't opened yet... but what a waste...

2. Fail #2- My hair. My attempt at wavy hair...

does not look like this...

3. Fail #3- I didn't buy glasses. I'm still looking around but good lord, they're SO expensive! Apparently my lenses, because of my horribly high prescription, are $395. Coke bottle glasses thick lenses ... I can't get those pretty rimless glasses because my thick lenses will be obvious. I'm tired of plastic frames. I will get wire frames...but still looking around. The thinner the lenses, the more expensive. My eyes suck.

4. My friend suggested BeautySplurge channel on youtube.

5. The Pool Lady is all over the news. And it all began because she fell into a fountain while texting.


  1. Haha I keep putting stuff into my LA Minerals cart but I know I should be saving money and NOT spending it on foundation!

  2. ahaha that's awesome!! Don't worry, I just wasted money on eyeliner and a Sigma brush... but hopefully it'll be worth it!!