Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Ramblings Jan. 20, 2011

1. Brittanylovex is doing a Valentine's Day makeup Giveaway. Ends Feb.14, 2011.

2. Hellcandy is doing a 2 year blogiversary giveaway. Urban Decay NAKED palette!! Ends Feb. 4, 2011.

3. Good grief I think these Loubouiton heels are ridiculously cheap-looking and ugly. But they're NOT cheap....

4. A friend asked me to recommend makeup brushes. Here are some brands that I like or have been recommended to me.

i) For a kabuki brush, I use this $7 one I bought from Zellers. It's so cheap they couldn't bother to put their brand name on their product! But if you go to Zellers, they're the brushes in blue packages haha (Belle... Bella... I don't know :( ). It's soft, few fallout, does the job.
ii) Annabelle Brushes- I'm pretty sure I got mine from London Drugs. I have the Bronzer brush and also use another bronzer brush for my powder
iii) Quo Makeup Brushes from Shoppers Drug Mart- get them when they're 40% off which is a sale they'll do once in awhile. I have the blush & crease brushes
iv) MAC brushes- so expensive. I got my angled brush as a gift and I LOVE it and use it everyday but so so pricey.
v)Got a cheap brush kit from ebay- some brushes are a miss (face) but some gets the job done (eyes)
vi) Everydayminerals brushes- recommended by a friend
vii) Sigma Brushes- recommended by a friend
viii) ELF brushes- seen girls on youtube like xteeener use these brushes & she seemed happy with them

5. I am TOTALLY going to do this pretty Scrunchy hair look by SabsBeauty. But I don't have curly hair product so I'm going to have to improvise... will post a picture tomorrow! This is the one hairstyle I haven't really been able to achieve with long straight hair!

6. Aprilathena7 does fake bangs. hahahha this is totally right up my alley. Then I can cure my bangs itch

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  1. Hey girl! I'm tagged you on my latest tag! Hope you have time to do it! :)