Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Ramblings Jan. 19 2011

One of those days... a dash of food poisoning, a little of car dying on the freeway, a dose of coffee grinds on the floor... but after a cup of coffee and a bunch of chocolate, I feel more sedated.

1. Pee & play in the urinals. Not sure if I should be offended that this isn't offered to girls. But then again, I don't have any interest battling out my pee stream strength with my neighbours.

2. A search engine that gives you gifts. It works. I got a paypal giftcard and my bf's gotten a bunch of giftcards. All you have to do is "swagbuck" instead of google. Oh, and watch a bunch of videos. Just takes some commitment.

3. Kandee Johnson, a super sweet and beautiful makeup artist. I quite enjoy her blogs and videos.

4. I'm pretty stoked because HOPEFULLY I can finally get my eyeliner!! Actually eyelinerS because I'll be getting my MAC technakohl and finally going to try gel liner . Rumour has it it's easier than liquid liner. I do love my L'oreal Lineur Intense but sometimes, it'd be easier if the brush was a bit stiffer. So apparently, using an angled brush with gel liner solves this issues. I'm also thinking of investing in Sigma small angle brush. So excited. is doing a Taste the World Food & Wine Passport Giveaway. 6 mini-courses from 6 different restaurants representing 6 locations in the world. Ends Jan.25... I think. She's drawing on that day.

6. I wonder if the trenta Starbucks coffee size will come to Canada?

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