Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random Ramblings Jan. 15, 2011

Thank god for the weekend right? I'm really excited because I get to see the eye doctor and I can finally get new glasses!! I will be able to see the leaves on trees, blades of grass, and read road signs again!

1. hahhaha Fail Jeopardy

2. I am obsessed with gerbils. Unfortunately, my family and bf said no to having one! I think gerbils are the cutest rodents in the world (rats freak me out... mice and hamsters are okay). So here you go: Gerbils of the Caribbean

3. A beauty tip with NARS Coral Blush. The colour looks super pretty! Maybe a more coral tone would suit my skin tone?

4. A very interesting article on the simple lifestyles of Billionaires. Some of them are rather down to earth.

5. Wtf... I sure hope this guy's LV tattoo or this guy's Justin Bieber tattoo isn't real.

6. Kittylovesmakeup is doing a huge Youtube Contest. Ends Feb.14, 2011. She's a super cute girl :)

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