Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Random Ramblings

1. Attempted this look by MakeupByTiffanyD when I went out today. I was talking about her with my friend and we liked TiffanyD's makeup vidoes because they're wearable :) I tried out my makeup brushes today. The blending brush works so much better than my fingertip! haha

2. Check out this awesome gift idea from Empire Theaters. Buy $30 worth of gift cards and get $30 in Empire Theater coupons.

Air Canada Flashmob. I love Vancouver.

4. If I don't get black eyeliner for Christmas, I'm going to have to cave and buy a new one. God MAC is so expensive but it's the only pencil liner I find that doesn't smudge on me. Why is it that when I lose something, I feel the need to use it all the time. White eyeliner isn't cutting it out for me.

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