Monday, December 27, 2010

Random ramblings Dec.27

1.Donna Simpson's story bothers me on many levels. She is the woman who is trying to become the Guinness World's Record for heaviest woman. The news story is about what she ate for Christmas.

2.I've taken a few courses on sociology and social psychology which covered the topic of racism. Occasionally, I'll read a few articles that perks my interest regarding those topics. This story is about a single white gay dad with a black son.

3.I'm hoping to buy a cooling pad for my laptop at Staples. Their Belkin one is on sale for 50% off. Too bad Staples doesn't have a better free shipping option (must spend over $50). Now I have to make the effort to go to the store.

4. My absolutely favourite girl on youtube, the beautiful and talented Natalie Tran (aka CommunityChannel) is on a trip around the world. One of the places she hit up was Singapore, a place where I grew up for 4 or 5 years of my childhood.

5. I'm pretty excited because my mom made taro leaves with coconut milk for dinner last night (but I was at my boyfriend's house having a Christmas turkey meal). So I shall have that for lunch today. Mmmm that's the Filipino side of me coming out.

6. currently has a sale on their palettes.

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  1. wait... what's that called again? 'cause my dad used to make it all the time and i love it! (actually any filipino dish he does with coconut in it would probably make me wanna have lunch/dinner there lol)

    I should really learn how to cook filipino dishes.... lol