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LA Minerals Review

In September, I decided to get mineral makeup. I heard of LA Minerals through a giveaway blog called Even though I didn't win the giveaway, this makeup company stayed in my head. I liked that it offered small samples so you could figure out what shade you were. I didn't want to go to a drug store, guess my shade and spend $20 only to find out it's the wrong shade. So I hopped online and ordered my products. I received them and then I got so wrapped up in school I wasn't able to write a review. Which actually worked out well because I got three months to see how my skin reacted to it. So here is my review.

They have a great deal where if you order 5 samples, you get 5 free (code: 5free). This is what I ordered. These are the samples I got. They come in small little paint pots.

Hollywood Foundation
I ordered this with my own stupidity of not realizing there was a dropdown button that let me choose different formulas. However, it worked out really well! My skin did not breakout with this product. The oil control is decent depending on how much I put on. It helped balance out my skin tone and minimize the redness. I found out the Medium Dark Warm shade worked out in September but as my tan faded, I am now the Medium Warm shade. I'm glad I found something that suited my skin tone as I have Japanese Filipino skin and it's an inbetween skin tone. I used a kabuki brush to apply the powder.

Oil Control Powder Untinted
I sometimes sweep a light layer of this over my T-Zone area with a bronzer brush but for the most part, I just use it on my eyelids as a primer.

Ambient Concealer
I LOVE this product. It helps minimize the redness of my zits and cover up dark circles under my eyes. It does what it's supposed to do. I used to use a liquid concealer and I found that it creased and emphasized my fine lines; this product doesn't do that. I apply this with my fingertip and it works out well.

Lit Up Bronzer
I found this colour too dark for my skin. Maybe I put too much the first time but it was too strong of a colour for me. It reminded me of a brick shade. Haven't really used it.

On Stage Illuminzer Bronzer
Another product I fell in love with the first time I used it. It adds a beautiful glow to my cheeks and I use it as a highlight. It's a gorgeous shimmery gold colour. Love it. I apply this with a mini kabuki brush.

Nude Blush
A pretty pinky apricot shade on my skin tone. I learned a little goes a long way with this product. I use this with a blush brush.

Junior Buki Brush
This was a horrible brush. It sheds like crazy. The bristles are harder than I thought. Luckily, it wasn't too rough on my skin so my skin didn't react. It does the job though and I use it when I apply the On Stage Illuminator.

I think it comes by ground and it takes forever. I think it took around 2 weeks for my samples to come. I actually ordered a whole bunch more when they had their Cyber Monday (50% off everything!!). I ordered Nov 29 and still haven't gotten it. I'm guessing it's because of the holidays. However, on their website it does say it'll take 10-20 business days. I personally think the shipping's a bit overpriced considering it takes forever. But I'm cheap and chose the cheapest shipping method.

Overall, I'm really pleased with their products. I like that their mineral powder is the right shade and doesn't make my skin break out. I'm glad I found a concealer that covers up my under eye circles. I absolutely love the On Stage Illuminator. Yes, I would recommend it.

Face: Smashbox Anti-Shine, LA Minerals Medium Warm Hollywood Foundation
Eyes: LA Minerals Oil Control Powder, L'Oreal Lineur Intense, L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara, Clinque High Impact Mascara
Cheeks: LA Minerals Nude Blush, LA Minerals On Stage Illuminator
Lips: Bonne Belle Strawberry lip balm
Twitter:LA Minerals


I just want to do a quick update. I bought myself the Valley Girl foundation. It works so much better with my oily skin (than the Hollywood foundation). I think it has improved the condition of my skin as well. A word of advice. Make sure you moisturize really well beforehand. If you notice dry areas after you put on the foundation, and you put on moisturizer on top, the foundation will clump.

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