Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Links

I have a billion things to do today! Need to find a battery for my car, unpack from housitting, return a library book, write out my schedule for nursing school, find nursing stuff from the term before, do A LOT of reviewing, ugh.

This shall be quick.

1. Canadianfreestuff i Fashion Handbag Giveaway- is doing a handbag giveaway of your choice (up to $60) from i Fashion Handbags. Ends Sept 20, 2010. Enter Here

2. If you're considering buying false eyelashes (such as myself), try ebay! Check out the seller styleinjewelry. Someone I'm considering buying lashes from.

3. Talking about falsies, I found this slideshow useful for deciding what type of false eyelashes I'd want Enter Here

Side note: I just bought false eyelashes in the middle of writing this post. Geez.

4. Feministing- An entertaining feminist blog.

5. I really enjoy the blog Clumps of Mascara. I'm one of those who's on the hunt for the perfect mascara and I like that she's reviewed A LOT of mascara.

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