Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekend Links & ramblings

Before I start the weekend links, just wanted to mention I saw my course outline for clinical techniques this upcoming term and it's insane! Hands on nursing stuff! Injections, IV therapy, sterile dressing, etc. Welcome to the surgical ward!

I also bought a D-Link Wireless router for my home. I literally spent 9 hrs trying to make the thing work. It was so frustrating and I was going to return it. I finally caved and called support the next day. I didn't get the guy's name, but he was AWESOME. My problem was my Windows 7 laptop could connect but the Windows XP laptops couldn't. It took about 25 min to set it up, but he was so nice and patient. Still not sure why some laptops can't automatically connect to it though but I have wireless internet in my house woot woot.

Moving along :)

1. If you have money to waste, why not buy this atrociously priced Chanel Chinese Take Away Box Bag?

2. Then when you have that Chanel bag and wonder what else you can spend money on, check out the Hermès Coloring Book

3. 10 Natural ways to banish blemish - Click the Next tab to see the next tip

4. Awesome Photoshop contests. Check out all the galleries of submissions

5. Want to attempt to make your own makeup? Macgyver Your Makeup!

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