Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm so excited!!! I won my first giveaway through todaysdiva.ca and received my package today. I won an 88 shimmer palette from BH Cosmetics and it's so gorgeous. I couldn't stop squealing. I'll try it out tomorrow when I get ready for the day.

There's so many colours... I don't think I'll need to buy eyeshadows for a long time :) This palette appealed to me because of the different shades of pink it offered. I also play around with browns during the summer and smokey colours during the winter. I haven't tried it out yet, but I love the colours it offers. I've always wanted an 88 makeup palette whether it be from Coastal Scents or BH Cosmetics. What stopped me was the fact that I am a student and I have no job. Whatever money I got went towards school or necessitites like bills. Short term sacrifices for long term gains right?

Here are the other palettes I own.

This is the first palette I've ever bought and it was a limited edition from Sephora. I got it in Hawaii and I thought it was a great deal for $23. The lightest eyeshadows don't show up much against my tanned skin but I usually use one of the dark colours on the bottom to accentuate the outer corners of my eyes whenever I do my makeup. I love the bronzer it comes with. The pink blushes in the middle and left side are great.

This palette I received from my best friend for my birthday. It is from The Bay. She cracks me up. She gave it to me used because she couldn't help playing with it before giving it to me. Unfortunately, the eyeshadows are really light so I usually just use the darker shades. I love the blushes it comes with though. Especially the peachy colour ones on the left.

I think next time I purchase a palette, I'll be looking into a blush/bronzer one :)

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  1. Wow - great makeup collection! Be sure to teach me how to put on makeup some time :P