Saturday, August 7, 2010

Half up bump/poof hairstyle

I have always thought the bump/poof hairstyle was really pretty. But I could not for the life of me do it myself despite all the youtube videos out there. There was:







I don't like hairspray and I don't like teasing, which I suppose puts me in a binding spot. But then I watched this spoof video on Snooki (from Jersey Shore ♥)...


and I realized when I looked past the spoof, that I could actually pull this hair off.

What I did was

1. applied voluminizing mousse to the back crown of my head (towel dried hair)
2. blow dryed my hair upside down. Then near the end, used a round brush by my roots and blow dryed for more volume. Used the cool setting to set it.
3. Gathered the back crown of my hair and pushed forward.
4. Clipped into place with a medium butterfly/claw clip.

subtle bump

Then I had a cute, half up bump/poof hairstyle yay! It'll take practice. For me, it was the butterfly/claw clip that holds it up. I can't do it very well with bobby pins.

There's also a cute hairstyle where you can do it on the left and right side of your hair with the same concept.


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